Systematic Equity Plan (SEP) | Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) | COVID 19 Crisis 

This is a very common question these days w.r.t to investing or you can say, savings. Primarily, we should understand the situation that we are in right now. This is very common these days that you should invest, market is going down. 
But to understand the nuances of market is near to impossible. The most recent example of this is the 20 lacs crore stimulus by FM  Ms. Sitharaman, caused rally in the market for not more than 1 hour. 
So, the question arises, what should be done and how to make most of this bearish market to gain profit.
SIP for mutual funds is what for SEP to equity or stocks. As you do monthly investment in mutual funds and call it an SIP, in the same way, investing in stocks monthly is called SEP.

Mutual Funds and shares are subject to market risk, hence one should be very cautious before investing and in these days, you should be more cautious. 

Where to invest? 

This is the time to go with the blue chip companies, i.e. large cap funds for more than 4-7 years of lock in period. There are many funds, which are currently being traded at the price they used to trade 5 years ago. Once, the market start running at 100% efficiency, these funds and stocks will start catching their normal price and you can book profit. 

Suggestion : Blue chip companies | Large Cap Funds | Large Cap Equity Funds |
Industry      : Banking | Retail | Construction | Pharma (debatable)

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P.S. this is not recommendation. Please do your research and invest where you want to invest. 
Have Fun With Earning!!!

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